The Prospect Of Domestic CBN Abrasive In Diamond Tool Industry

- Mar 08, 2019-

At present, domestic CBN production and quality have been rapid development, production technology has reached a higher level, many varieties of abrasive particles have reached the level of industrialization. Unlike common abrasives cheap corundum, silicon carbide, due to the superhard abrasives expensive value and the user of the life and efficiency of superhard tools required, from the beginning of the superhard tools on the market, manufacturers on how to give full play to the use of diamond and cubic boron nitride performance pay great attention to avoid damage diamond, CBN tools manufacturing process, prevent fall off early in the process of work. Metal plating on diamond and cubic boron nitride surface is the main method to solve the above problems.

There are two main categories of coating: one is nickel plating, copper plating suitable for resin binder low grade super hard abrasives: the other is titanium plating, tungsten plating, chromium plating suitable for metal and ceramic binder high grade super hard abrasives.

All kinds of coatings have a clear purpose of application, which is very detailed in the instructions of the foreign manufacturers of superhard materials. Manufacture of resin bond grinding wheel under wet grinding condition; Copper-plated diamond is used for resin bonded diamond grinding wheel under dry grinding conditions: titanium plated, tungsten plated and chromium plated are used for various tools of metal sintered bond. Ti-plated diamond and CBN can improve the strength and thermal stability of single crystal, make up for the defects of single crystal, improve the performance and quality stability of single crystal, increase new varieties, increase added value, promote the sales of single crystal and improve the market competitiveness.