The Process Of Polishing The Metal Surface Of A Grinding Wheel

- Apr 18, 2019-


The process of polishing the metal surface of a grinding wheel

The grinding wheel surface polishing process actually includes two parts for surface leveling, which can be divided into three stages, namely, grinding, rough polishing and fine polishing. The general approach is to smooth the rough surface, and then first rough throw and then fine throw, this mainly determines the requirements of parts processing. Fine throw finally get a bright table machine also known as mirror processing. Polishing can not only be used as the final process of parts, but also be widely used in the surface pretreatment before plating. Therefore, the quality of polishing has a direct impact on the performance of the workpiece, and the choice of polishing method has an important impact on the quality of polishing.

The following five aspects should be paid attention to when carrying and storing the grinding wheel:

1. It must be completely packaged and transported and avoid collision. It shall not be exposed to moisture for a long time and shall not contact with alkali.

2. It shall be stacked neatly in a horizontal manner, and shall not be placed diagonally or under pressure for a long time to prevent deformation.

3, avoid direct contact with the ground, must be stacked with damp wooden pallet board, height from the ground 10-15cm, stacking height is not more than 1 meter.

4. Implement the principle of "first in use" to ensure the best use period of products.

5. After more than one year, the grinding wheel blade should be re-tested for its rotary strength and appearance before it can be used.