The Development History Of Grinding Wheel Forming Technology

- Apr 17, 2019-

As early as 1980s, people in the industry began to explore and try this technology. At that time, an automatic molding press was imported from abroad. This machine is quite compact in design, it differs from ordinary press only in the addition of a feed system.

Its working principle is: put the mixture into the upper hopper, through vibration, fall on the conveyor belt, scrape with the scraper, and then adjust the transmission speed, finally feed the material to the weighing hopper, weighing accurate after the material into the mold cavity.


The design principle of grinding wheel seems to be quite effective in improving production efficiency. But there is a practical problem that no matter how you adjust it, it will never reach the ideal level of design. Unlike smelting corundum and silicon carbide, the feeding error of raw materials should not be too large. It is not easy to accurately weigh the material through the conveyor belt. Repeated adjustment will not improve the efficiency, but waste a lot of time. Now the compromise is to bypass the trickier feed system, with artificial feed and a multi-station press, which reduces Labour intensity and ensures productivity.

The ideal feed system for grinding wheel is still to be improved and developed. Once mastered, this technology will make the production of grinding wheel as efficient and fast as the production of coated abrasive tools, and completely realize mechanization and automation, bringing tremendous changes to the wafer market.