Super Hard Tool Material Used In Precision Machining Industry

- Mar 26, 2019-

Most synthetic diamond materials used in the precision industry are made at low pressure. Compared with the larger single crystal diamond, the hardness and wear resistance of diamond are improved, and the microhardness is up to 10000HV. It is a very hard cutting material. At the same time, due to its small friction coefficient, no affinity with other metals, chip is easy to flow out, high thermal conductivity, chip surface quality, chip is not easy to form a chip nodules, can be processed ceramic, copper, aluminum and other metal and non-metallic materials.

In modern cutting technology, PCD and PCBN are mainly used as tool materials to complete high-speed machining and rough machining of casting and forging blank, and to improve the quality and efficiency of grinding in precision machining. It can be used in metallurgy, construction engineering, mechanical processing, petroleum exploration, industrial processing, instrumentation, electronic industry, military processing, aerospace and other fields.

1.PCD metal cutting tools

PCD tool structure is mainly divided into welding type and indexable type. In recent years, China's industrial tools in the field of welding rapid development, such as PCD milling cutter, boring and reamer. The characteristic of this cutting tool is that the cutting edge has little effect on the movement of the used handle.

2.PCBN metal cutting tools

The transposition PCBV cutter has turning and milling cutters with shear strength up to 0.8kg/m2. Welders have turning tools, boring tools, reamer and so on. The Angle of knife tip is usually 5° in front and 3°-7° in back.

From the point of view of cutting tool, super hard material tool can be used in metal material processing, ferrite material processing, semiconductor material processing, electronic material processing and so on. The development of ultra-hard cutting tools has an important influence on the quality and efficiency of precision machining industry.