Selection Of Diamond Cutting Blade Cutting Head Manufacturing Process

- Mar 20, 2019-

Selection of sintering process for diamond cutting pieces

In the process of gradually increasing the temperature, the densification degree of the cutter head body also increases, and the bending strength also increases. When the insulation time is extended, the bending strength of blank matrix and diamond agglomerate will be increased first and then decreased. At this time, sintering time of 120s at 800℃ can be chosen to meet the requirements of diamond cutting sheet performance improvement.

Selection of diamond size of tool head

When the diamond particle size is single and the diamond particle size is coarse, the cutting head of the diamond blade is sharp and the sawing efficiency is high, but the bending strength of the diamond agglomerates decreases. When the diamond size and particle size of the cutting pieces are mixed, the durability of the cutting pieces is improved, but the efficiency is lower. Considering comprehensively, it is more suitable to choose the diamond particle size of 50/60 mesh.

Selection of diamond distribution concentration in matrix

In a certain range, when the concentration of diamond changes from low to high, the sharpness and efficiency of cutting blade will gradually decrease, and its service life will be gradually extended. But when the concentration is too high, the diamond cutting chip will become blunt. On the contrary, with low concentration and coarse granularity, the efficiency will be improved. By using the different functions of the cutting head in the sawn, using different concentrations (that is to say, the middle layer can adopt lower concentration in the structure of three or more layers), the middle groove can be formed on the cutting head in the sawn process of diamond cutting sheet, which can help to prevent the cutting sheet from swinging and improve the quality of stone processing.

Selection of diamond strength in the matrix

The strength of diamond is an important index to ensure cutting performance. The high strength of diamond will make the crystal not easy to be broken, and the sharpness will decline when the abrasive grains are polished in use, which will lead to the poor machining performance of tools. When the strength of diamond is low, it will be easily broken after being impacted. It is more suitable to choose diamond cutting sheet with diamond strength between 130 ~ 140N.