On The Characteristics Of Diamond Grinding Wheel

- Apr 01, 2019-


Refers to the variety and model of diamond and CBN. Diamonds fall into two broad categories according to their sources: natural diamonds and artificial diamonds. In addition, according to different requirements and the characteristics of the binder, or according to the shape of the abrasive and different treatment methods are divided into a variety. Resin bond abrasive tools generally choose artificial diamond, it is mostly needle sheet, low strength, brittleness, rough surface, but the price is low; CBN USES medium strength and surface coating.

Particle size

Refers to the abrasive particle size, commonly used particle size mark. According to the requirements of abrasive use, the sifting method and water separation method are used to make various particle sizes of different sizes. Particle size in 40 micron to coarse, multi-use screening method, according to its size is divided into 25 particle size, denoted as: narrow range: 16/18~325/400 wide range: 16/20~60/80

The size range of each particle size is expressed by the size range of the basic particle group, and each basic particle group is determined by the nominal size of two adjacent sieve mesh holes. Particle size in 40 micron to fine, multi - use sedimentation method. Different particle size is suitable for different machining accuracy and roughness requirements.

Combining with the agent

The binder plays the role of controlling the abrasive and gives the abrasive a certain geometry. It is an important mark of abrasive performance. The binder is composed of thermoplastic resin as binder and various fillers (phenolic resin is widely used, polyimide resin is used in a small amount; Filler application of some metal oxides), its various components of the nature of the amount of the amount of the physical properties of the binder, mechanical properties and grinding properties have a great impact, therefore, must be targeted at the processing of the workpiece material, performance to choose, in order to achieve good use effect.