How To Store Diamond Wheel Correctly

- Apr 04, 2019-

When the diamond grinding wheel is in storage, it is not allowed to roll the grinding wheel, so as to avoid crack, surface damage, and strong vibration and impact.

Roller manufacturing precision, using the method of plating in diamond wheel manufacturing process, to stable production of high precision, complexity, surface roller, the service life of 2 ~ 50000 times, grinding wheel storage time should not exceed the period of validity of the grinding wheel, resin and rubber binder grinding wheel from the date of delivery, if the storage time more than a year, shall be available after turning test qualified.

Diamond tools used for processing hard and brittle materials mainly include various diamond saws and diamond products, etc. Although the application scope and processing characteristics of various tools are different, their wear mechanism is basically the same. The storage site of diamond grinding wheel should be kept dry with appropriate temperature and avoid mixing with other chemicals. Prevent grinding wheel from dampness, low temperature, overheating and erosion by harmful chemicals.