Diamond Tool Structure Division

- Mar 29, 2019-

Diamond tool structure division, diamond tool refers to the use of diamond particles or powder as the main elements of a class of tool products. These tools include cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, and polishing.

1. Diamond tools are divided into three categories by binder: resin, metal and ceramic binder. Metal binder process is divided into sintering, electroplating and brazing.

2. Classified by use structure:

Abrasive tools -- grinding wheel, roller, roller, edge grinding wheel, grinding disc, bowl grinding, soft grinding disc, etc.

Saw cutting tools -- circular saw blade, row saw, rope saw, tube saw, band saw, chain saw, wire saw;

Drilling tools -- geometallurgical bits, oil (gas) well bits, engineering thin wall bits, stone bits, glass bits, etc.;

Other tools - finishing tools, cutting tools, drawing dies, etc.

Compared with metal bond matrix, resin, ceramic bond matrix strength is lower, not suitable for sawing, drilling, finishing tools, generally only abrasive products.