Diamond Can Be Used To Make Grinding Tools

- Mar 27, 2019-

A diamond tool is a cutting tool in which the diamond particles are fixed to the functional parts of the tool by bonding materials or other means. Because diamond is a super-hard material, it has many advantages over tools made with ordinary abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide. Below, diamond tool manufacturers for you to analyze the advantages of diamond tools.

Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials on earth, much harder than corundum and silicon carbide. Diamond has high strength, good abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient. Thus, when used as an abrasive, it has many distinct advantages over many other common abrasives.

Diamond can be used to make grinding tools with the following advantages:

1. High grinding efficiency, low grinding force: less heat generated by the hole in the grinding process. This can reduce or avoid burns and cracks on the workpiece surface and reduce wear and energy consumption of the equipment.

2. High wear resistance: the size of diamond abrasive tools changes little. This can achieve good grinding quality and high grinding accuracy.

3. Long service life and long dressing period: it can greatly improve work efficiency, improve labor environment of workers and reduce labor intensity of products.

4. Low comprehensive cost: the processing cost of each workpiece is low.