Application Of Grinding Wheel In The Processing Of Stone Yarn

- Apr 11, 2019-

1. Directly process with molding milling wheel.

This is the most economical and efficient way to process stone yarn. It is rapid processing of the shape of the small fluctuations of the yarn. This needs to be made in advance and to process the opposite of the concave and convex milling tools, grinding curves in the stone line machine, grinding wheel to prepare rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing three, use in turn can.

2, first rough processing with diamond circular saw blade, then use milling wheel finishing, polishing.

This method is suitable for wide or narrow shapes where the yarn is more uneven. If the milling wheel directly processing wear, and cutting efficiency is relatively high circular saw blade first remove most of the excess material, and then milling wheel rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing.

3, cut with diamond beaded saw, then through copying machine grinding or manual polishing.

This is suitable for processing more wide yarn, cutting can get concave, convex two kinds of yarn, if the design is good, both kinds of yarn can be used in a project, which is conducive to cost saving.

The most widely used grinding wheel is formed milling wheel (die cutting tool), which is suitable for narrow yarn. The circular saw blade will cut the stone material into a strip, milling milling wheel milling shape, suitable for wide and narrow production of yarn; Cut with diamond bead saw, suitable for wide yarn.