An Increasingly Perfect Technology For Grinding CBN Grinding Wheel

- Mar 25, 2019-

The CBN grinding wheel has wide versatility. The products are mainly used for mass surface processing of small and medium-sized parts, such as bearings, automobile parts (piston ring, connecting rod, clutch disc, etc.), air conditioning compressor parts and casting parts, etc. Ceramic CBN grinding wheel is suitable for continuous grinding, with good dressing, uniform pores and strong continuity of abrasive material, so as to achieve a high balance of anti-wear and grinding force. Easy dressing is also the characteristic of ceramic CBN grinding wheel with end face grinding. These properties greatly reduce the rejection rate of grinding and improve product quality.

Traditional face grinding process is the surface grinding machine or frustum of a cone grinding machine, grinding disc fine grinding way of processing, grinding efficiency is low, dust pollution, grinding the beat length, tolerance is difficult to control, the rejection rate is extremely high, and with strict control of costs, grinding industry for automated production demand is higher and higher, more and more stable to precision requirement, the traditional technology can't meet the demand of enterprise production. Therefore, more finishing enterprises are willing to use the strong grinding end grinding machine to work parts of the end grinding.