What are the disadvantages of traditional diamond composite processing method

- Mar 06, 2019-

Diamond composite (PDC) is a kind of super hard cutting tool material developed in 1970s. Tools made from it are used to cut various non-ferrous metals and nonmetals, and can be used to cut grinding wheels.

What are the disadvantages of traditional machining method of grinding wheel?

After the grinding wheel is roasted and solidified, its size, shape and position accuracy of each surface cannot meet the technical requirements, so it must be turned, grinded and ground. The unit using the grinding wheel must also turn because of the urgent need of production and the specification of the grinding wheel does not conform to the operation requirements. Due to the objective technical reasons, most of the domestic and foreign traditional knife bowl to turn. In the process of processing with it, the grinding wheel drives the quenched no.45 steel thin-walled knife bowl to rotate at a higher linear speed (300 ~ 400m/min) and moves the knife to remove the excess of the diamond grinding wheel. Due to the high speed rotation of grinding wheel and knife bowl, the dust and noise in the processing are very large, the cutting depth and feed amount are very small, so the processing efficiency is low and the comprehensive cost is high, and the labor intensity of the operator is high. For example, it is expensive to use large-grain diamond cutting tools, and due to the low bending strength of diamond, it is easy to be damaged in cutting, which results in the small cutting depth and feed when cutting the grinding wheel.