The type of grinding wheel used for grinding hard alloy is introduced and analyzed

- Mar 15, 2019-

Cemented carbide with tungsten carbide, titanium carbide metal carbides as hard phase, such as cobalt metal as adhesive, made by powder metallurgy method, has the high hardness (HRA89-93, microhardness n/was 1300-1800) and lower coefficient of thermal conductivity (16.75 to 79.55 W/m, K) [2], low flexural strength (3.0 to 4.5 GPa) and larger elastic grinding (GPa), 540-650 [3], under the normal temperature for hard and brittle materials, with different materials such as steel grinding requirements. Used to using green silicon carbide grinding wheel for grinding carbide, but because of the high silicon carbide abrasive hardness is not enough (32000-34000 n/was microhardness) [2], when grinding carbide abrasive wear passivation easily, cause the increase of grinding force, grinding temperature is exorbitant, leads to the formation of a cutting tool surface defects such as cracks, silicon carbide grinding wheel of threshing too fast at the same time, the shape of grinding wheel is not easy to maintain, destabilize cutter size.

Due to the high hardness of diamond, the sharp cutting edge of abrasive grain and the extremely high abrasion resistance, diamond grinding wheel has basically replaced silicon carbide grinding wheel and become the first choice for grinding hard alloy in recent years. The main characteristic parameters of diamond grinding wheel are: (1) particle size, which is used to represent the average size of diamond grinding particle, commonly used particle size is D64, D46, D35 (FEPA standard), etc. (2) concentration refers to the carats of diamonds contained in each cubic centimeter of abrasive layer. The commonly used concentration is C100, indicating the diamond content is 4.4ct/cm3. (3) binders, commonly used metal binders (M), resin binders (B), ceramic binders (V); (4) shape, such as flat wheel, bowl wheel, bevel wheel, etc.; For example, the model of diamond grinding wheel of a certain manufacturer: 1a1-100t6x5-d64c10b55 indicates that the grinding wheel is of flat shape, with a diameter of 100, a thickness of 6, and a grinding particle thickness of 5. The diamond particle size is D64, and the concentration is C100, and the resin binder.