The influence of diamond grinding wheel on cutting tool is introduced and analyzed

- Mar 18, 2019-

The quality of diamond grinding wheel is one of the important factors for manufacturing industry to improve processing productivity and product surface quality.

So often in high-end CNC machining center, an efficient composite cutting tools available to replace the single function of cutting tool, and it can also automatically according to the process of machining the finish machining of complex shapes, so they can to improve the surface quality and production efficiency, reduce the production cost to have the very good effect.

It is reported that if the use of advanced efficient cutting tools can significantly improve cutting efficiency, and the increase in tool costs is far less than the reduction in production costs. At the same time, advanced and efficient cutting tools can effectively reduce the time to change tools, improve product quality and other benefits. Therefore, comprehensive consideration, the use of advanced efficient cutting tools to improve processing efficiency, reduce production cost effect is very significant, research and development and application of new advanced efficient cutting tools is one of the development trend of mechanical processing in the future.

Then, in the process of efficient tool grinding, when the material, structure and shape of the tool and the selection of the grinder are determined, the diamond grinding wheel becomes an important factor to determine the success or failure of the machining. The technical content and quality of grinding wheel also determine whether it can produce high quality cutting tools that meet the design requirements.

Speaking of diamond grinding wheel, while the processing efficiency of ultra high temperature resin bond diamond grinding wheel is lower than METROX grinding wheel, but because of the diamond grinding wheel is the combination of high strength, short production cycle, low processing cost, especially in a grinding tool blade is not easy to cause the collapse edge, at the same time also can according to the requirements of use, the grinding into various shapes complex forming grinding wheel, diamond wheel may therefore still be has long been widely used in the production.