The application of diamond tools in grinding industry is introduced

- Mar 26, 2019-

Mention "diamond" this word, the first time people think of is "expensive"! But grinding with diamond abrasive is relatively "cheap" -- less diamond abrasive pulp is consumed, lower operating costs per hour, less waste, shorter processing time, lower rejection rate, and fewer steps.

What are the classification of diamond tools?

With the development of grinding industry, diamond tools have been widely used. Diamond Tools refers to the tool products that are made into certain shapes, structures and sizes of Diamond (generally refers to artificial Diamond) or cubic boron nitrous oxide (CBN) by means of binder and used for processing. Diamond tools can be classified into diamond grinding tools, diamond sawing tools, diamond cutting tools, diamond drilling tools, dressing tools and drawing die, etc. Here are a few categories.

1. Abrasive tools, mainly including diamond grinding wheel, roller, roller, edge grinding wheel, grinding disc, etc.

2. Saw cutting tools, mainly saw blade, including row saw, rope saw, tube saw, band saw, wire saw, etc.;

3. Drilling tools, including geometallurgical bits, oil well bits, engineering thin-wall bits, stone bits, glass bits and other bits;

4. Other tools, such as dressing block, cutting tool, drawing die, etc.

Diamond grinding is used in precision machining, especially in these challenging cases: super planar grinding, spherical and conical grinding; Improve contact surface tightness; Improve the surface texture; Surface flattening of non-metallic materials (e.g. laminates, composites); Deburr the surface and remove sticky material; Diamond grinding is the only economical processing method of superhard materials. Thinning or polishing parts with irregular aspect ratios.