Similarities and differences between diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel

- Mar 13, 2019-

From the abrasive: CBN is compound boron nitride, diamond is carbon.

Different processing objects: diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for processing hard and brittle materials, such as: hard alloy, ceramics, glass and other workpiece;

CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheel is mainly used for processing hard and tough materials, especially ferrous metals, such as various steel parts, cast iron, such as the following workpiece: automobile accessories - crankshaft, camshaft, hydraulic parts, compressor parts, etc.

CBN (cubic boron nitride) can withstand the high temperature of 1250-1350 ℃, which is higher than 800 ℃ of diamond. When grinding and cutting iron materials, there will be no clashing phenomenon, and the most ideal grinding wheel is the metal materials which are sensitive to grinding temperature, such as quenching steel, high-vanadium high-speed steel and aluminum high-speed steel.

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is also characterized by strong chemical inertia. CBN (cubic boron nitride) is not easy to produce chemical reactions with iron group elements, so it can replace diamond, and is very suitable for grinding high temperature, high hardness and low thermal conductivity materials such as high speed steel, tool steel, die steel, high alloy quenching steel, chromium steel, nickel alloy, powder metallurgy steel and high temperature alloy.

Therefore, the durability of the above iron group elements is 3 to 5 times higher than that of diamond grinding wheel.

However, CBN (cubic boron nitride) cannot replace diamond wheel in grinding hard alloy and nonmetallic hard materials.

In the grinding, can only choose oily coolant, not water - based coolant. Because, under the grinding high temperature, the CBN will take place the chemical reaction when it encounters the alkaline aqueous solution, the CBN grinding wheel will decompose in the alkaline solution of 300℃, can decompose slightly in the boiling water, the result will make the grinding grain crystal is destroyed.

In terms of production cost, the price of CBN grinding wheel is much higher than that of diamond grinding wheel. If the workpiece is allowed to be processed, the diamond grinding wheel is preferred with CBN grinding wheel. Therefore, diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel have their own advantages and responsibilities in grinding. Grinding must choose their own tools, rather than choose the most expensive tools.