Particle size classification of diamond tools and abrasives

- Apr 23, 2019-

Abrasive particle size of diamond tools refers to the thickness of abrasive particles. Abrasive size specification with size number to express. The national standard of abrasive size is divided into two categories: one is used for consolidation of abrasive, grinding, polishing abrasive size specifications, the size of the number of "f", known as "f size of abrasive"; The other is used for coating abrasive abrasive size specifications, the size of the number of "p" as the head, known as "p size of abrasive".

F size specification

Gb /t2481-1998, the size of ordinary abrasive particle size, divided into 37 particle size number, its screen

The ratio is 1.1892, that is, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8, f10, f12, f14, f16, f20, f22, f24, f30, f36, f40, f46, f54, f60, f70, f80, f90, f100, f120, f150, f180, f220, f230, f240, f280, f320, f360, f400, f500, f600, f800, f1000, f1200.

According to the abrasive production process of diamond tools, the abrasive particle size in f4-f220 part is called "coarse abrasive", and the abrasive size is above 63um, which is produced by screening method: the abrasive particle size is within the range of f230-f1200, and the abrasive size smaller than 63um is called "micro powder", which is produced by water separation method.