Not all grinding machines with diamond wheels can be installed and used!

- Apr 04, 2019-

Ultra-hard diamond grinding wheel, especially high-speed grinding, requires good machining stability, small vibration and high linear speed.

Therefore, the grinder has a requirement:

(1) spindle rotation precision of diamond grinding wheel should be high.

(2) the grinding machine stiffness is good, general requirements than ordinary grinding machine about 50% higher, usually should not be less than 100N/ mum number level.

(3) the grinding machine feed system accuracy should be high, feed speed should be uniform and correct, longitudinal feed minimum speed should be up to 0.3m/min, transverse feed (cutting depth) should be up to 0.001~0.002mm/ single stroke, to ensure the grinding size accuracy, geometric profile accuracy and surface roughness.

(4) each moving part of the grinding machine, such as the headstock spindle and bearing part, and the feeding motion guide rail part, shall have reliable seals to prevent ultra-hard abrasive material from entering and accelerate the wear of the machine parts.

(5) to have a more perfect grinding fluid filtration and supply system, the filtration accuracy should be less than 0.5 mum.

(6) all parts of the grinding machine should have corresponding measures of vibration prevention and isolation, and the diamond grinding wheel should be finely balanced.