Introduction to the use of diamond roller

- Apr 17, 2019-

Diamond roller is a high precision diamond dressing tool, which is mainly used in automobile, internal combustion engine, parts, bearing, spinning machine, gear and other industries. Compared with the traditional single particle diamond dressing pen, the diamond roller has many advantages, such as high efficiency, high precision, and single shaping of complex surface. With the increasing requirements of surface and precision of parts in various industries, high-precision diamond roller is rapidly replacing the traditional single particle diamond pen dressing mode.

Precautions for use:

1. Users shall use special roller dressing device as far as possible, and ensure sufficient precision and rigidity of machine tools and dressing device;

2. The linear velocity ratio between the roller and the dressing grinding wheel should be within the range of 0.4~0.7;

3. The matching gap between the roller and the installed mandrel shall be 0.002mm~0.005mm as far as possible to prevent vibration;

4. The user shall correctly install the roller and accurately adjust the runout of the roller. After the roller is installed, the radial runout and end runout of the datum plane shall reach 0.002mm;

5. It is recommended to install the goods by hot sleeve method when removing the roller (dip the roller in 80℃ water to expand its inner hole for easy installation; Hot water is poured over the outer surface of the roller during disassembly. It is forbidden to directly hit the roller to prevent the damage of the profile, inner hole or end face of the roller;

6. During dressing the grinding wheel with the roller, the machine should be guaranteed to have reliable and sufficient cooling;

7. In the dressing process, it is necessary to avoid the impact of the grinding wheel on the roller, so as to avoid the decline or even damage of the roller precision; Feed quantity for each dressing shall not exceed 0.02mm;

8. The roller shall be maintained and preserved carefully during use to prevent rust or accidental damage of the roller;

9, in the use of uncertain factors or unclear, must quickly get in touch with the roller manufacturer, unauthorized processing, change the roller, so as not to cause the loss of roller precision and other unexpected.