How to use grinding fluid correctly for diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel?

- Apr 01, 2019-

Grinding fluid is mainly used for grinding and polishing precision ceramics, precision molds, optical crystals, LED and other products.

Different grinding fluid can make the grinding ratio of grinding wheel several times, even ten times.

The degree of mechanical wear, chemical erosion and thermal damage of diamond grinding wheel in grinding process is closely related to the cooling effect.

However, attention should be paid to the wet grinding of CBN grinding wheel, because CBN will react with water vapor and oxygen in the air at high temperature to form ammonia and boric acid (BN+3H2O→H3BO3+NH3). This reaction is called hydrolysis, which will accelerate the wear of CBN grinding wheel.

Therefore, water-soluble oils or aqueous solutions with extreme pressure additives are commonly used to reduce the hydrolysis effect.

When different grinding fluids are used for wet grinding, the relative life of CBN grinding wheel is different, the life of pure oil-cooled grinding wheel is the longest, water-soluble oil-cooled grinding wheel is the second, and the life of water-cooled anti-rust additive is the lowest.

Guangzhou jinrui diamond tools co., LTD., using its own proprietary technology, the latest development of diamond grinding fluid (paste), completely put an end to the grinding material agglomeration phenomenon.

The use of this product throughout the processing process can ensure that the particle degree is always in the state of floating parity. Agglomerated diamond particles, generally 10 to 20 times the size of a single particle, are the main cause of scratches and uneven grinding, and the smaller the particle size, the greater the hardness after agglomeration.

Therefore, completely dispersing diamond particles, making each diamond particle give full play to its excellent surface properties, is the key to obtain a good grinding and polishing effect.

Continuous improvement of production process and formula makes diamond grinding paste/paste not only achieve superior results in heavy load mechanical grinding, but also perform better in the fine grinding of metallographic and petrographic samples.

USES the high quality of diamond single crystal/polycrystalline powder, using powder surface treatment technology of high purity and high stability of suspension solution, to ensure the consistent good flatness, and provide perfect protection, protection and impurities of the horn side of silicon carbide particles evenly distributed as a reliable and reproducibility of the preparation effect provides a powerful guarantee!

Oil-based products are used in the workpiece and instrument, so that the product and instrument are stuck with a lot of grease, but the company's products do not have this problem, the workpiece and instrument equipment is very easy to clean!

Super hard abrasive grinding wheel grinding, can be used for dry or wet grinding. However, wet grinding can prolong the life of grinding wheel and prevent grinding burn of workpiece.