Diamond Grinding Tools and Techniques

- Dec 08, 2020-

Diamond grinding tools have intricate geometry and are fabricated using quasi-tangent and picosecond laser ablation methods. Prior to inception, diamond grinding technology required a unique angular beam defraction device and the diamond crystals were setting free using ionization techniques. The diamond phase continues to prove classic for Raman spectroscopic analysis and set free diamond grinding cuts facilitate rapid, high-performance grinding. A novel method for producing high quality facets in the face of diamond at room temperature has been developed and is currently used at various diamond grinding centers throughout the world. This method involves energy-dispersive mirror technology and is called the Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel.

The Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel incorporates several novel features which enable us to perform many operations which would be otherwise difficult with the traditional diamond grinding tools. Among these features is the Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel, which consists of a fixed-length CNC titanium rod, CNC titanium spindle, and powder-coated internal parts. The rod can be rotated at different angular frequencies and with this capability, the Segmented Diamond Grinding Tool can perform as many as 500 different cutting operations per hour. Moreover, a laser source is incorporated within the wheel and this source produces extremely high-frequency plasma cuts through the diamond surface.

Another novel feature of the Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel is its use of a unique laser source. During operation, the laser strikes the Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel and generates micro-particle bombardment, which causes the Segmented Diamond Grinding Wheel to produce high-frequency electric currents. These high frequency electric currents create micro-bond strengths in the diamond grains, which bind the binding material to the rotating rod. This prevents the rotation of the rod and thus maintains proper alignment during operation. This feature provides for the smooth movement of the diamond grains during grinding operations and improves upon the ability of the diamond to bond to the rotating rod.

In the Segmented Diamond Grinding Tool, two mechanical axes are available. The first mechanical axis is designed to grind the diamond at high speeds. The second mechanical axis is used to perform the boring operation. Segmented Diamond Grinding Tools with these two different mechanical axes allows the user to perform grinding and boring operations in a manner that is consistent with each process' progress. The unique motion of the Segmented Diamond Grinding Tool is another important factor in enabling users to perform milling operations and other high speed grinding operations.

The Segmented Diamond Grinding Tool incorporates a novel method of boron nitride coating which is responsible for the diamond's superlative sparkle and brilliance. During the laser treatments, the high-power laser emits orthogonal pulse, which produces a layer of diamond crystals on the boron nitride. When the orthogonal pulse of the high-power laser is reflected on the surface of the diamond crystal, it diffuses a highly-dispersed amount of high energy radiation. This enables the high-energy radiation to penetrate deeply into the diamond, thereby producing the superior brilliance of the diamond.

Another important process during diamond cutting involves the generation of cross-plane profiles. These are produced by a machine called a Scanning Scanner. Scanning enables the operator to scan a specific surface, such as a cup or wafer, and generate a diamond-image close to its ideal cross-plane level. By carefully adjusting the Scanning Scanner's parameters, the operator can reach the desired degree of roughness or pliability. A parameter study tool, which guides operators with specific operating parameters to achieve the best results, can also be used. A parameter study tool is also useful for determining the best combination of grinding tools and techniques to achieve the best results.