Description and analysis of abrasive material and particle size of diamond grinding wheel

- Mar 28, 2019-

There are many kinds of diamond grinding wheels, each of which has its own different applications. The manufacturing process and binding agent are also different, so each grinding wheel has its own characteristics and different applications. Below, we on the grinding wheel abrasive material and particle size to do some explanation.

(1) abrasive

Abrasive material is the most important index of grinding wheel, and diamond grinding wheel is the key to machining things. Without it, there is no such product as diamond grinding wheel. The choice of abrasive material is quite strict. The temperature of diamond grinding wheel is extremely high when it is rubbed against the workpiece. The abrasive material cannot stand such high temperature and will melt away soon. Many grinding products are metal and so on, some are very hard, and the abrasive hardness is not high, the backgrinding, grinding wheel hardness requirements are relatively high; The grinding time between diamond grinding wheel and workpiece is not instantaneous, but requires a certain amount of time, which requires it to have a very strong toughness. Based on the above characteristics, we can know the choice of abrasive materials: diamond, corundum, silicon nitride, etc. These materials are the hardest in the world. They all have strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corresponding toughness. Guangzhou jinrui can produce a variety of large diamond grinding wheel manufacturers through different binders and manufacturing processes.

(2) granularity

The size of abrasive particles is called granularity. Particle size is divided into coarse size and fine size. The classification of particle size is generally adopted by screening method. For example, a sieve with a particle size that can pass through 60 holes is called small particle size, which is called fine particle size; a sieve with a particle size that can pass through 40 holes is called large particle size, which is called coarse particle size. Sometimes also divides the medium granularity, also has some to call the micro powder. The particle size of the grinding wheel has a significant impact on the surface smoothness and processing efficiency of the workpiece. If the grinding particle is coarse and the grinding amount is large, the grinding efficiency is high, but the surface of the workpiece is rough and not so smooth. Fine grinding, grinding is more uniform, the surface of the workpiece is more smooth, but the cutting quantity is not so large, so the grinding efficiency is lower. The selection can be considered in terms of the requirement of surface finish and grinding efficiency.