Application of CBN grinding wheel

- Apr 19, 2019-

Gear grinding used to be single-tooth surface and multi-tooth surface grinding, although the single-tooth surface grinding can obtain higher machining accuracy, but low efficiency, high cost, although the multi-tooth surface grinding production efficiency is high, but its processing quality is worse than single-tooth grinding.

If CBN grinding wheel is adopted, no matter single tooth surface grinding or multi-tooth surface grinding is adopted, electroplated CBN grinding wheel or ceramic bond grinding wheel is adopted for grinding, and the results are extremely significant:

(1) CBN grinding wheel can be made into tooth shape with high precision. Due to its high durability, it does not need to adjust the machine frequently due to its infrequent dressing. Stable tooth profile, lead and pitch accuracy can be obtained.

(2) high speed grinding and high feed rate grinding of tooth surface can be achieved with low roughness and no burns, and high gear accuracy (level 6 ~ 7) can be obtained under the condition of improving grinding efficiency.

(3) CBN grinding wheel has long service life and good grinding performance, which saves many auxiliary time such as grinding wheel replacement and dressing, machine tool adjustment and workpiece detection.